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Golf Lesson Package

Is there a part of your game that is missing?
Do you have a strong desire to break 100, 90 or 80?

We have the answer for your game. A comprehensive 6 Lesson program designed to get your game moving in the right direction.


Lesson 1 - Building a Strong Foundation from the Ground Up.
Lesson 2 - Sharpening your game. Learn the shots from 100 Yards and in.
Lesson 3 - Learning your irons and how to hit them solid every time.
Lesson 4 - Hitting the Driver and getting the most out if it, consistently!
Lesson 5 - The Full Swing and when to, "Grip it and Rip it".
Lesson 6 - Course Management, playing the course without the "BIG NUMBER".

All lessons are 1 Hour and will finish with 10-15 minutes on the putting green working with the "Flat Stick", your putter. It is the only club that you use on every hole so why not learn to use it properly.

Jeff Mauricio, Director of Golf

To schedule your next lesson, please call the Pro Shop at (352) 383-2700.

Learn. Practice. Play. Golf.

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